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EXCLUSIVE Fermented Hemp Seed Oil Products

The only fermented hemp seed oil products in the world, they take up to four years to produce in a controlled environment of temperature, light and moisture.  This produces a product like no other providing immediate benefits to the user, whether human or animal. Following ayurvedic principles, Remedy Health has been able to create a ayurvedic and vegan line of fermented hemp seed oil products.  

These Irish-grown and produced products range from tinctures to muscle balms, and pets to equine powders.  All products are naturally flavoured (if flavouring is used at all) and the hemp is grown on certified organic farms in Ireland.  

The MOQ for any of the Remedy Health fermented hemp seed oil products is 50 for opening orders.  Shipped FOB from Ireland, they are ready for immediate shipment.  

For enquiries about purchasing these products or becoming an exclusive distributor for your country/region,  please email us at

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