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Bulk HHC & Isolates

We produce and ship international orders of all bulk hemp products - from to the very popular HHC to tinctures, isolates and broad and full spectrum oils.  

HHC is produced from hemp-derived CBD without containing any THC.  It provides a wide range of medical and recreational benefits such giving a feeling of euphoria.  While a relatively new player on the market, it is perfectly legal where CBD products are legal as it does not contain any THC.  It is used mainly for vaping and can be provided with no flavour or with specific turpenes to give it a range of flavours.  We currently manufacture over 20 flavours and can formulate any flavour you can imagine.  

It is shipped either in silicate pharmaceutical grade bottles or in pure aluminum bottles with a one time seal.  The bottles are packed for shipping in fitted styrofoam containers.  

The MOQ for bulk HHC is 1 kg or 1 litre containers.  

We also provide bulk isolate with up to 99.9% THC-free for all of your packaging needs from vapes to tinctures and skincare.   MOQ varies for isolate depending upon your needs.  

Please enquire about further details at

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